Volunteer and Educational Event Schedule:


Earth Day Cleanup


Garlic Mustard Harvest: Growing season dependent


Metro Blooms Raingarden Workshop at Nokomis Community Center


Minnehaha Creek Clean Up


Monarch Festival


Buckthorn Removal

Wild Ones holds Historic Walking Tours of the Nokomis Naturescape near the 50th Street Beach during the months of May through August.

Current Projects

Nokomis Neighbors for Clean Water

We are working with the nonprofit Metro Blooms to implement a Neighborhood of Raingardens type project within the Nokomis subwatershed of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed.

Nokomis-Hiawatha Master Plan and Site Improvments

We have an appointee on the Community Advisory Committee that will be meeting from May 2014-2015 to develop a master plan for the Nokomis-Hiawatha Regional Park. Please click on the link above to read more about the process on the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board's project website. Updates will be posted here throughout the process.

Past Projects

Nokomis Concessions-Community Advisory Committee

February 2012 Meeting
The CAC met on February 23rd, 2012 to compose a survey, approve a schedule of meeting dates and take commentary from the community. The agenda and summary are available here.

A survey to gather community input is available on the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board's website until April 7th.

Shane Stenzel, of the MPRB's Special Services department presented on the history of concessions within the park system, and specifically at Lake Nokomis. The powerpoint is available here.

CAC Member representing Friends of Lake Nokomis, Steffanie Musich's meeting notes from the first meeting are available here.

March 2012 Open House
An open house was held on March 23rd to gather imput from interested parties within the community about the concession. The agenda can be found here. The attendees broke out into two small groups to discuss the five topics posed by the CAC coordinators:

1. The concession building
-renovate the existing building, stay within the same footprint
-renovate the existing building, allow for expansion (in phases?)
2. Should there be outdoor deck seating, if yes - what would it look like
3. What type of food venue and pricing would be preferred
4. Should beer and wine be allowed
5. What type of impacts would a concession have on the area things that could be done to mitgate the impacts

Photos of the small group's answers (along with accompanying clarification) have been posted on Flickr. The small groups were provided with preliminary survey results prior to breaking up to discuss the five topics.

April 2012 Meeting
A meeting was held on April 19th beginning at the concessions building at 6pm and relocating to the Lake Nokomis Community Center at 7PM. Agenda items discussed: Reviewed Online Survey Results, Reviewed Open House Comments, Reviewed Draft version of the Request for Proposals, Reviewed Evaluation Criteria and Process (contained in the RFP).

Friends of Lake Nokomis CAC member, Steffanie Musich, asked that some quotes from the survey be added to the RFP that reflected the general desires of the survey/open house/meeting attendees, and that an additional criteria be added to the list to indicate that plans for expansion include protections for the lake.

Shane Stenzel of the MRRB agreed to locate the original drawings of the building. He was able to locate a site map, architectural building views and the detailed architectural building plan , all prepared by Harold H. Eads successor of the partnership of Downs and Eads in 1930. The plans appear to indicate that this building was originally designed to be built at Lake Harriet in 1927 when Downs was still healthy enough to work. The site plan is the only one to show only a 1930 date. Minneapolis Park Board records, housed in the Central Library, show that the building contract was awarded to P.L. Palmer in 1930.

The Request for Proposal will be released to the public on April 30, 2012, with proposals being accepted until May 31, 2012. The next scheduled Meeting of the CAC is June 21st, 7PM at the Lake Nokomis Community Center where the CAC will discuss the proposals and decide which vendors to interview/have present at the July 12th meeting of the CAC.

The three proposals submitted for the concession are available on Google Documents by clicking here. The Citizen Advisory Committee will be interviewing the candidates at 7PM on July 12th at the Nokomis Community Center. The public is welcome to attend. After the interviews, the committee will discuss the proposals and select a vendor. This vendor will then enter negotiations with the mprb and the committee will submit their reccomendation to the board.

Community Advisory Committee Selects Sandcastle as Vendor
The Community Advisory Committee presented their recommendations on November 28 to the Minneapolis Park Board Planning and Budget Committee for a lease agreement with Sandcastle for the Lake Nokomis Concession. The entire board was present for the presentation of recommendations, and engaged in discussion after the public hearing period was completed. The Community Advisory Committee’s recommendations were approved in committee. On December 5, the lease was brought to the full Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. The vote was 8 in favor, with one abstention, to approve the adoption of the contract and the recommendations made by the CAC. Construction to get the building up to code and ready to open in the spring of 2013 will begin soon.

February 2013 Open House
Lake Nokomis Concession Community Advisory Committee is being reconvened to hold a public open house on the design of the outdoor seating area adjacent to the concession. The Open House will provide community input into the preliminary designs. There will be a mailing to residents in a three block radius from the concession. The meeting will be Thursday, February 28th at 7 pm at the Nokomis Community Center. The role of the community advisory committee will be to give continuity to the review process and provide information to community members on the process used to select the vendor.